Sublimation materials for sign

 Sublimation paper

 Sublimation paper is designed to absorb as much ink as possible to ensure strong and vivid colors. Using regular plain or inkjet paper will not work with this process. The papers are available in various standard sizes.

Product name Sublimation paper (fast-drying type)
Width & Length 210x297mm, 297x420mm.    Width of roll (Length:100m): 300mm, 420mm, 610mm, 914mm, 1118mm, 1300mm, 1600mm,1620mm, etc.
 Weight 108g/m2
Color White
Surface finish satin, matte, brushed, pearlized, mirror, sparkle, etc.
Quality A grade and fast-drying type.
Heat transfer rate 95% high transfer rate and save 10% ink.
Packaging paper carton, plywood crate

 Heat-resistant adhesive tape

 To fix the sublimation paper onto the sublimation metal sheet during heat transfer.

Product name Heat-resistant adhesive tape
Width 5mm, 10mm
 Length 33 meters
 Color brown, green
 Heat resistant temperature 280℃, 220℃.
Packaging paper carton, plywood crate

 Arc plastic support bar

 Use the bending machine to bend the two ends of sublimation printed aluminum sheets and then put the arc plastic bar support inside of the aluminum sheets back space , Now the cambered metal signages comes out !